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IMG_2116Are you breastfeeding and not sure which app to get? Breastfeeding Central is the one that new mothers love! Parents Magazine rated it a ‘best breastfeeding app‘ and The Baby Spot named it Parenting App of the Year.

Breastfeeding Central is an A-Z guide for every stage of breastfeeding, from preparing during pregnancy to the hospital stay, early days at home, first six months and returning to work.

Content is arranged chronologically and includes what to expect in the first four days, how to make plenty of milk, coping with common difficulties, caring for a toddler and the new baby, medications and breastfeeding, diet, alcohol and losing the baby weight, pumping at work, starting solids and much more.

Favorite sections can be saved with the app’s Bookmark feature.

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A Help Locator enables mothers to find IBCLCs and breastfeeding support groups in the US and worldwide.

The FAQs section covers: What is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant? ; How can an IBCLC help me? ; When should I see an IBCLC? ; How Long Should I Breastfeed My Baby?

‘My Lactation Consultant is on Speed Dial’

New York lactation consultant Beverley Rae developed Breastfeeding Central as the next best thing to support mothers who asked her to ‘move in with me’ after their breastfeeding consultation, effectively giving them – and mothers worldwide – a lactation expert on speed dial.

Read the story of creating Breastfeeding Central in Beverley’s blog at

Mothers everywhere are using Breastfeeding Central. To date it’s been downloaded in the US and Canada, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Turkey; Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka; South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates; and in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

Praise for the Breastfeeding Central app


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Prima Baby Magazine: App of the Month in October 2014 issue. From their review:

‘Breastfeeding Central is an information-packed app for pregnant and nursing mums that guides and supports you through every stage of breastfeeding, right up to returning to work. Created by Beverley Rae, a former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association, it’s like having a personal consultant on speed dial, 24 hours a day.’


The Asian Parent

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