Breast Pump Rentals


Breast Pump Rentals

The top-rated Medela Symphony hospital-grade breast pump is available for rental by appointment.

Hospitals use and recommend the Symphony for mothers who are pumping breastmilk for their premature or sick baby and for twins and triplets. It’s quiet, efficient and comfortable to use.

The Symphony is also a best choice for increasing milk production, and for pumping and storing milk ahead of returning to work.

                  Medela Lactina

The Medela Lactina hospital-grade rental pump, a lightweight, more portable option, is also available.

Pick up your pump seven days a week

Pump rentals are available seven days a week by appointment, with free parking directly outside the office. Returning the pump is quick and easy. Call 516-365-4877 or email for pump rental rates.

Spare parts for Medela pumps

Medela spare parts such as replacement tubing, membranes, and Personal Fit breastshields are available. Call 516-365-4877 or email